Katrina Cottages

After Hurricane Katrina, Andres Duany developed a plan for small, permanent homes designed to be an alternative to the FEMA trailers. The first “Katrina Cottage” was designed by Marianne Cusato, and is being considered as affordable housing in resorts, camps, vacation communities, the military and in other situations worldwide. The Katrina Cottages are unique in […]

Finding an exclusive buyer’s agent

LendingTree has a great checklist for finding a buyer’s agent for your next real estate purchase. Key points are to make sure that your agent has a thorough understanding of your needs, and that they’re willing to work with you until those needs are fulfilled. Make sure to also get strong references from anyone that […]

How Might your Vacation Insurance Rates be Affected by the ‘Katrina Effect”?

To paraphrase Ben Franklin: No person’s life or property is safe while the legislature is in session. As a result of the unprecedented losses in the Gulf Coast States, the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) needs a complete overhaul. For the past two legislative sessions, both houses of Congress have debated major modifications to the […]

Antique timber frames – Part III

Parts One and Two discussed what to look for when purchasing an antique timber frame building. Here are some resources to help you find one: The Barn People. Located in Windsor, Vermont, The Barn People have been restoring and moving antique barns since 1975. They serve the entire U.S. Their inventory isn’t available online, but […]

Antique timber frames – Part II

In Part One we discussed some of the basic considerations of purchasing an antique timber frame building. Here are some other tips for purchasing your own. Research the type of structure you want. Do you want a large multi-story barn? Or a smaller carriage house? Maybe an antique timber frame home is more your style. […]

Financing your second home

Financing a second home can sometimes be an issue. Banks are often not as willing to lend for a second home as they are for a primary residence, and most second home loans require a much larger down payment than mortgages for a primary home. But, with some creativity, you can often come up with […]

Antique timber frames – Part I

An antique timber frame can be the basis for a unique second home. Antique frames are most often available from old barns that are being dismantled, and can vary greatly in cost, materials, size and style. Occasionally you can find antique timber framed homes available for relocation and reconstruction. Many times homes that have not […]

How to buy property at auction

Purchasing property at auction can be daunting for a lot of people, especially if they’ve never even been to an auction before. eHow has a great article, with step by step instructions, on purchasing property at auction. Some tips from the article include: You usually have to have the money available to purchase the property […]