Long-term Hawaiian Real Estate Investments (Really Long Term…)

Lo’ihi Development Co. is getting ready to start offering ocean view lots in Hawaii for only $39.95! But, there’s a catch…The parcels won’t actually be available for another 10,000 years (or more). That’s because the lots are part of the Lo’ihi volcano, which is currently submerged some 3,000 feet below the ocean’s surface. “Owners” will […]

Don’t miss SIMA07 in Madrid!

The SIMA expo in Madrid, Spain is coming right up May 29 – June 2. SIMA is the largest international real estate expo in the world, attracting over 160,000 visitors and over 800 exhibitors. Exhibitors include both residential and commercial real estate firms, financial institutions and more. The general public can get into the expo […]

Selling: Surviving a Home Inspection, Part 2

In Part 1, I detailed what’s generally involved in a home inspection from the seller’s point of view. In this part, I’ve included a list of things you can do to make your home inspection go more smoothly. Start outside Repair minor things like loose steps, rotted trim, disconnected gutters, and anything else that can […]

Selling: Surviving a Home Inspection, Part 1

Most real estate contracts in the U.S. contain an inspection contingency clause, which is a provision to allow the purchasers to have the home inspected for any major defects or problems prior to signing a final purchase agreement. Inspections generally take place pretty quickly after an offer is accepted, and generally take two to three […]