Home Portfolio is a great free online service that allows you to create a design portfolio from their huge database of products when remodeling or building your second home. They cover everything from patio doors and outdoor grills to furniture and accessories for every room of your home. You can save any products you particularly like to your portfolio (and rate them as either “love it” or “like it”), as well as saving any products that you don’t particularly like (just rate them as “not my style”).

They also have tons of resources to inspire you. There’s the “Great American Homes” section that includes decorating and design ideas from homes across the US, as well as a Design Themes section that includes home designs spanning all sorts of different styles (like “Home & Hearth”, “Island Style”, “Cottage Living” and “Holiday Table”). They include products and product searches with each design inspiration to make it easier to find similar (or even the same) products.

You can also add team members to your portfolio, perfect for bringing in your spouse, kids, interior designer or architect. It’s a great way to collaborate on your design projects without having to physically meet.