CraigsList, the popular online free classified, can be a great way to find a house. Many agents (including offices that may or may not be part of the MLS) are now putting their listings on CraigsList, as well as FSBOs. While the search functions can be a little bit cumbersome (first you have to select the state, then the area that you want, and then you get to listings that often need to be weeded through further to find what you actually want; for example, the entire state of Vermont is under one category, so you then have to either search for towns using keyword search or browse through all of the listings).

Listings only get four photos (and some people don’t include any), but it’s usually enough to at least get an idea of whether you want more information about a property.

CraigsList should be added to the list of sites you regularly check for listings, or you might be missing out. If you’re looking to sell, ask your agent to list your property on CraigsList to increase your exposure.