Don’t’ wait to “go green” in your primary residence, or in your vacation home. It’s not necessary to buy or build a new property to begin making important changes in your buying and property maintenance habits that ‘lean green’.

According to a recent article in Realty Times, “there are everyday things that can be done that will not only save you some money in the operating costs of running your home but also may make your home more attractive when you want to sell it”.

Among other ways to move toward a greener home, you can replace your old water wasting toilets with low flow units. When it comes time to replace your existing appliances, make sure to look carefully at the relative efficiency of the appliances you are shopping for. Remember that efficiency here doesn’t just refer to lower energy costs; it applies to water savings in clothes and dishwashers. Front loading washing machines save hundreds of gallons each year. This is an especially important factor if your home(s) are in drought-prone areas.

Another important issue in going green is your choice for interior and exterior paints and finishes. Make sure to look for products that are low in VOC’s (volatile organic compounds). VOC’s are toxic pollutants that can cause both skin and lung irritation.