Look, up in the air, it’s a bird, it’s a plane, no it’s Richard Branson, piloting his new start-up, Virgin Money USA.

In his new venture, daredevil adventurer, businessman, and philanthropist Branson has taken the plunge into the U.S. real estate market. For anyone who has followed Branson’s storied career, it should come as no surprise that he would jump into a housing market that is still falling. They laughed when he launched Virgin Airlines as a low cost no frill carrier serving the UK to US market. Other brash entries into other markets have been similarly ridiculed at the outset. The unlikely success of his many risky ventures has defied many of the naysayers. His new business model is designed to take advantage of the current downturn in the U.S. housing market and the resulting mortgage and credit crisis that is making buying properties more difficult.

Is this guy delusional, or, as he has often been in the past, a visionary? See for yourself in this article from Realty Times that details Virgin Money, USA and what it offers to both buyers and sellers of U.S. properties.