Second Home Gyms

With more and more baby boomers swelling the ranks of retirees in the U.S., health-related home amenities are on the rise. Many of the newly retired boomers plan very active retirements and are choosing to live in communities that offer a wide variety of recreational activities. In many cases, they are outfitting their homes and […]

Green Design May Help Your Home Sell

Green homes are hot right now, and even if your home wasn’t built green, there are plenty of things you can do now that will make it more eco-friendly and help it appeal more to buyers. Using natural window treatments and décor items in your staging helps a lot, especially if the window treatments are […]

Governmental Green Incentives

There are a host of reasons why many of us are taking a closer look at ‘living green’. As more concerns emerge regarding global climate change, social consciousness is impelling us to examine our habits and behaviors, our ‘carbon footprint’, more closely. Beyond conscience-driven decisions to adopt more green lifestyles, there is a growing financial […]

Buying a Prefab Home

With the wide variety of factory-built homes now available (everything from tiny, modern structures to huge historic reproductions are available), it’s no wonder that second home owners across the country are considering a modular or other systems-built home. After all, when you live hours away from your second home site, it’s difficult to supervise construction […]

Looking for Second Home Design Resources?

We’ve just completed a Squidoo Lens that catalogs all of the interior design articles and books that we’ve covered in 2ndhome® Journal since the Spring 2005 issue. This Lens includes links to the articles (both in the digital Journal and on, as well as links to the books referenced. It’s a great jumping off […]

Going Green is Easier Than You Think

Don’t’ wait to “go green” in your primary residence, or in your vacation home. It’s not necessary to buy or build a new property to begin making important changes in your buying and property maintenance habits that ‘lean green’. According to a recent article in Realty Times, “there are everyday things that can be done […]

Florida Luxury Homebuilder Offers Solar Option

With the rising cost of energy, many homeowners and now homebuilders are considering other options for heating and cooling homes. Solar power has always seemed a great idea, but the high cost of installation has been an impediment to its widespread use. Increased electric rates, tied in part to the higher cost of oil and […]