Virgin Money USA Takes Wing

Look, up in the air, it’s a bird, it’s a plane, no it’s Richard Branson, piloting his new start-up, Virgin Money USA. In his new venture, daredevil adventurer, businessman, and philanthropist Branson has taken the plunge into the U.S. real estate market. For anyone who has followed Branson’s storied career, it should come as no […]

Local Profile: Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

Lunenburg, Nova Scotia is located on a peninsula at the western side of Mahone Bay, in the South Shore area of Nova Scotia. Historically, Lunenburg was an important seaport and shipbuilding center. Its first settlers, in 1753, were primarily German and Swiss protestants who came over from Europe. Because of its important Maritime history, and […]

A Mortgage with your Groceries?

It sounds kind of wacky, I know. But really, folks, the Kroger chain of grocery stores, the largest in the U.S., are now entering the home mortgage business. The chain, which includes some well-known retailers such as Kroger, Fry’s, Albertson’s, Fred Meyer, Ralph’s and many more. Is expanding into providing a number of financial services. […]

Second Home Mortgages

The U.S. mortgage market is going though a period of dislocation related to the increasing level of loan defaults, particularly on so-called sub-prime loans. While it started in the sub-prime market, the difficulties there have begun to bleed over into the regular mortgage market. As a result, formerly solid lenders, such as Countrywide (the nation’s […]

Financing your second home

Financing a second home can sometimes be an issue. Banks are often not as willing to lend for a second home as they are for a primary residence, and most second home loans require a much larger down payment than mortgages for a primary home. But, with some creativity, you can often come up with […]