Tax Breaks from Second Homes

If you own or are buying a second home, you should be aware that, as written, current tax laws encourage second home ownership by allowing deductions for mortgage interest, property taxes and other expenses on vacation homes. The Washington Post offers a detailed look at how buying and owning second homes can result in tax […]

Second Home Tax Issues

If we ever needed another example of how convoluted U.S. tax law has become, it can be seen in the outline in an article from Realty Times on how the tax code deals with vacation home ownership expenses and deductions. If your family uses your vacation home and you also rent for part of the […]

Have questions about a 1031 exchange?

Section 1031 Exchanges can be used to defer tax on the sale of a property that was held for investment when purchasing another investment property. But, there are a lot of regulations and rules that need to be met in order to qualify for the tax benefits available with a 1031 Exchange. The Federation of […]