The PODS are Coming!

If you are planning a move, or want to transport some large objects to your vacation home without renting or driving a truck, you might want to consider becoming a POD-person. No, we’re not talking about Invasion of the Body Snatchers, we’re referring to the increasingly ubiquitous portable storage units being used all over the […]

Create an Online Home Design Portfolio

Home Portfolio is a great free online service that allows you to create a design portfolio from their huge database of products when remodeling or building your second home. They cover everything from patio doors and outdoor grills to furniture and accessories for every room of your home. You can save any products you particularly […]

Book Review: The 4-Hour Workweek

I have to admit that when I first learned of The 4-Hour Workweek, I was very skeptical. Working only four hours a week? It must take a lot of money to get started, or you must have to have tons of experience. So, for awhile I didn’t bother to read the book (written by Timothy […]

Deer eating your garden and shrubs? Stop them in their tracks

Growing deer populations in many areas across the U.S. has led to an increasing number of problems with deer damaging and sometimes destroying home gardens and ornamental shrubs. After several years and many damaged and lost plantings, in desperation, my sister and her husband spent several weekends installing 6-foot high fence to virtually surround their […]

5 Great Interior Design Resources for Your Vacation Home has decorating & home improvement information sorted by room. is the online home of high-end Interior Design magazine.’s interior decorating portal has articles on a range of topics including decorating inspiration and holiday décor. iVillage has tons of great interior decorating articles as well as info on related topics including entertaining and […]

Looking to buy? Don’t rule out CraigsList

CraigsList, the popular online free classified, can be a great way to find a house. Many agents (including offices that may or may not be part of the MLS) are now putting their listings on CraigsList, as well as FSBOs. While the search functions can be a little bit cumbersome (first you have to select […]